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Snowbee Hot Smokers & Wood Chips

Snowbee Smoker Cooker & Snowbee Oak Dust for Smoking - Top selling Snowbee Smoker solves the problem of what to do with the catch!

Snowbee Smoker Cooker 19011
Snowbee Smoker Cooker, this top selling Snowbee Smoker solves the problem of how to cook the catch! A generously sized Hot Smoker / Cooker constructed in Stainless Steel for easy cleaning & long life. The Snowbee Smoker Cooker will take 4 or 5 small Trout, or 2 large fish, headed & tailed. Complete with stand, 2 fuel pans with heat adjustment, cooking pan, lid with adjustable smoke vent, drip tray and grill.
£ 59.99
(-7.53%) £ 55.47
Snowbee Oak Dust for Smoking - 19010-D
Snowbee Oak Dust for Smoking, a top quality, kiln dried, English Oak Dust, which gives a wonderful rich flavour to all smoked foods. Perfectly compliments Snowbee Smoker.
Conveniently packed in resealable bags of circa 250g (when packed) - sufficient for 4 or 5 full smoking's. The smoke dust is finer and burns more slowly than other 'chippings' giving more flavour. Try the oak dust on Barbecues to add a rich Smokey flavour to all outdoor cooking.

Snowbee Oak Dust For Smoking - 1 x 250 gram Bag (note picture shows 3 bags)
£ 4.47