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Fishing Winter Clothing

Fishing Winter Clothing - Extend your Fishing Season with troutcatchers.

Fishing Winter Clothing - Extend your Fishing Season with troutcatchers.

Gloves, Socks, Jackets, Fleeces, Pullovers, Waterproofs, Granite Waders, etc. It's never too Cold, Wet or Windy to go fishing.

Invest in the right clothing to extend your season! The more comfortable, warm and dry you are, the more you will enjoy your fishing, and catch more fish!!!

Snowbee Lightweight Neoprene Gloves - 13141
Snowbee Lightweight Neoprene Gloves, a lightweight neoprene glove with a nylon Jersey knit palm with rubberised 'dots' pattern for extra grip. The thin palm of the Snowbee material allows the gloves to be worn whilst fishing, shooting or to work in and still feel everything, whilst the Neoprene back gives added warmth, where it's needed. The tips of the thumb and index finger are left exposed to allow tying of knots, or loading, without removing the gloves.

Snowbee Lightweight Neoprene Gloves come with a choice of four sizes, colour Dark Green with Black palm. A huge troutcatcher seller, 1000's sold each year.

Snowbee Lightweight Neoprene Gloves Size (measured as new without any stretch below)

- Small (Size 7) - Base of glove to tip of index finger - 21.5 cm
- Medium (Size 8-9) - Base of glove to tip of index finger - 22 cm
- Large (Size 10 - 11) - Base of glove to tip of index finger - 22.5 cm
- X Large (Size 12) - Base of glove to tip of index finger - 23 cm

Example measurement; Index finger tip to base of hand, 20cm, then add at least 2.5cm to cover wrist - so in this example choose at least large.
£ 12.27
Snowbee Sft Neoprene Gloves - 13124
Snowbee SFT Neoprene Gloves are 100% waterproof; these gloves will keep you 100% dry all day. Snowbee SFT stands for Seamless Fusion Technology.
Unlike traditional neoprene construction where the seams are butt glued & blind stitched, this new technique uses new technology to weld the seams together and then apply an ultra thin, highly elastic tape. This results in a 100% waterproof, seamless product.
The neoprene used is a new 4-way high-stretch, 100% CR neoprene, but only 1mm thick, so for the first time you can have a neoprene fishing glove, which is a good tight fit, but ultra thin, allowing you to feel everything…. and remain 100% dry.
To give added grip, without bulk, the palms & finger panels on the gloves are screen printed with a silicone ink, which provides a totally flat surface, but gives amazing grip and feel, even when wet.
Colour: Pine Green Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Snowbee Sft Neoprene Gloves size (measured as new without any stretch below)

- Small - Base of glove to tip of index finger - 21 cm
- Medium - Base of glove to tip of index finger - 22 cm
- Large - Base of glove to tip of index finger - 23 cm
- X Large - Base of glove to tip of index finger - 24 cm

Example measurement; Index finger tip to base of hand, 20cm, then add at least 3cm to cover wrist - so in this example choose at least large.
£ 36.07
Snowbee Granite Neoprene Bootfoot Chest Waders - Cleated Sole 1208601
Snowbee Granite Neoprene Bootfoot Chest Waders Cleated Sole, ‘Commando’ Sole option, with deep tread for general use. Snowbee's top-selling Bootfoot Wader. Snowbee Granite Neoprene Bootfoot Chest Waders feature a 'Roll-down' facility. Opposing clips on the braces allow the waders to be rolled-down to waist level and the braces clipped together to form a belt. Ideal, when shallow wading or a lot of walking is involved. A simple idea… and another example of Snowbee innovation!


- 4mm double lined 100% CR Neoprene
- Micro-fleece inner lining, for additional warmth
- High back style with integral neoprene braces for additional warmth across the shoulders and top of back
- Elasticated front adjusters with quick release plastic buckles.
- Front pouch pocket, plus additional hand warmer pocket behind
- Unique 'screen printed' PVC kneepads provide total protection to the knee area without any stitching penetrating the Neoprene.
- Hand laminated Rubber Boots, with steel sole-shank built into midsole reduces torsion and protects from piercing injury
- 4mm Neoprene boot lining for total warmth

The SFT Neoprene Wader has the New Snowbee hand-laminated Rubber Boot, fitted with a steel sole shank manufactured into the mid-sole. This reduces torsion and protects the foot from sharp stones or piercing injury. The boot is lined with 4mm Neoprene throughout for total warmth in the coldest conditions. The top of the boot is fitted with an innovative 'Roll-up' rubber sealing strip to ensure the boot join remains 100% waterproof.

Snowbee Granite Neoprene Bootfoot Chest Waders Cleated Sole Sizes 6 - 13 finished in Dark Olive.
£ 185.00
(-43.53%) £ 104.47
Snowbee Prestige Wading Jacket - 11183
Snowbee Prestige Wading Jacket, new and improved version of Snowbee's previous Classic Wading Jacket, but the Prestige design is 2" longer, so it can be worn in a boat, with the over-trousers. The jacket has a 3-panel integral hood which is fully adjustable and can be rolled away into the collar, when not required.
Prestige Wading Jacket has a tough nylon front zip, with Snowbee's 'trademark' double front storm flaps with stud fastening and inner rain 'gutter'. The two rain-proof zip pockets under the storm flap, but outside the main zip, allow quick access and are ideal for mobiles, car keys etc.
Extra features of this jacket include large zipped rear pocket. Strong D-Ring on back for landing nets etc. Articulated elbows for comfort and ease of movement. Adjustable waterproof Neoprene cuff with Velcro adjuster straps. Adjustable elasticated waist draw cord.
Snowbee Prestige Wading Jacket available in 5 sizes.
£ 169.00
(-13.39%) £ 146.37
Snowbee Prestige Over Trousers - 11185
Snowbee Prestige Over Trousers, a more 'fitting' style than Snowbee's previous Classic over trouser design, the Prestige model has a high waist and a high back with adjustable braces, making them ideal for boat, as well as reservoir fishing. The full length front fly is a feature that will be appreciated by any angler who has fished all day in the rain. An inner waterproof gusset ensures this remains waterproof, even when sitting in a boat. Other features of the Prestige Over Trousers include 600-denier nylon reinforced knee and seat pads for extra wear, articulated knees for freedom of movement and zipped, waterproof ankle gussets for easy on/off over boots or waders.
Fully adjustable elasticated braces with quick release clips. Velcro adjustable side gussets offering up to 12" of adjustment on the waist, to cover a large range of sizes.
Bellows cargo pocket, a zipped thigh pocket, plus two large, zipped hip pockets, offer ample storage.

Snowbee Prestige Over Trousers available in 5 sizes. (to fit Waist) Small 30/32" - Medium 32/34" - Large 36/38" - XL 40/42" - XXL 44/46"
£ 159.00
(-13.42%) £ 137.67
Snowbee Thermal Fleece Lined Cap
Snowbee Thermal Fleece Lined Caps have microfiber outer, polyester filling and a micro-fleece lining - on cold days, over 20% of your body heat escapes through your head, these thermal fleece line caps are as warm as it gets! - Solved!The Thermal Fleece Lined Caps also, as shown in the picture, have fold-down ear flap which gives extra protection in chilly winds. The Cap comes with a choice of two sizes; however for final adjustment you will find an adjuster strap at the back.Snowbee Thermal Fleece Lined Caps, a choice of two colours & two sizes.
Sale Clearance whilst Stocks Last
£ 9.97
Snowbee Neoprene Gloves - 13122
Snowbee Neoprene gloves, made in soft 2.5mm Neoprene to keep you warm on the coldest days. Material panels run down each side of the gloves & between the fingers to provide added flexibility and comfort. The back of the Neoprene gloves has a jersey knit lining, whilst the palms and fingers use a patterned rubber for extra grip. The glove thumb, index and middle fingers have 'flip-up' tips, with Velcro pads to hold them back so left exposed will allow tying of knots, loading, etc. without the need to remove the gloves. The last feature of these gloves is its Velcro adjustable wrist cuff to help keep you snug and warm.
Snowbee Neoprene gloves come in a choice of four sizes; S, M, L, XL and dark green with a black palm.

Snowbee Neoprene Gloves Size (measured as new without any stretch below)

- Small - Base of glove to tip of index finger - approx 23 cm
- Medium - Base of glove to tip of index finger - approx 23.5 cm
- Large - Base of glove to tip of index finger - approx 24 cm
- X Large - Base of glove to tip of index finger - approx 25 cm

Example measurement; Index finger tip to base of hand, 20cm, then add at least 4 cm to cover wrist - so in this example choose at least large.
£ 14.17
Snowbee Prestige Long Fly-Fishing Waistcoat - 11624
Snowbee Prestige Long Fly-Fishing Waistcoat, made from hard-wearing polyester cotton with a brushed outer surface. The Prestige Long Fly-Fishing Waistcoat shoulders are re-enforced with matching corduroy, which helps spread the load. Velcro epaulettes lock fishing bag straps in place, so they don't slide off while walking. For extra warmth there is a thick, brushed cotton check lining and all the perimeter hems are re-enforced with leatherette trim for extra wear. An inside waist adjuster cord with toggle-loks ensures a snug fit. A total of thirteen front flap, pouch and zipped pockets provide ample storage for fly boxes, leader material, floatants, sinkants and accessories, plus concealed ethafoam fly holder. Inside there are a further three secure pockets for licence, wallet car keys etc. plus pen pockets. On the back is a large zipped pocket for a waterproof etc. plus a priest pocket, just where you need it on the right hip. Front rod loop and Velcro tab, plus one rear and two front D-rings for landing nets, zingers & accessories.

Snowbee Prestige Long Fly-Fishing Waistcoat Features:
- Thirteen front flaps, pouch and zipped pockets
- Three secure pockets inside
- Large zipped pocket and a priest pocket on the back
- Front rod loop and Velcro tab, plus one rear and two front D-rings for landing nets, zingers and accessories
- Front zip and stud fastener.

Snowbee Prestige Long Fly-Fishing Waistcoat Sizes:
S 36/38", M 38/40", L 42/44", XL 46/48"' XXL 50/52", XXXL 52/54"
Olive Green
£ 99.99
(-12.22%) £ 87.77
Snowbee Breeze-Bloc Fleece Jacket - 11921
Snowbee Breeze-Bloc Fleece Jacket, the return of Snowbee's popular 'Breeze-Bloc' model with an improved specification. Snowbee's New model uses a double layer of high density microfleece with the breathable, waterproof membrane laminated between. Although it has an overall weight rating of 360g/m2, the material is only 3mm thick, making it ideal as a layering garment underneath an outer waterproof shell, or as an outer fleece on those chilly spring or autumn days. Fitted with two zipped side pockets and a zipped chest pocket for mobile etc. and low-profile Velcro cuff adjusters.

Snowbee Breeze-Bloc Fleece Jacket : S 36/38", M 38/40", L 42/44", XL 46/48", XXL 50/52"
Forest Green
£ 74.99
(-12.29%) £ 65.77
Snowbee Soft-Shell Fishing Trousers - 11923

Snowbee Soft-Shell Fishing Trousers, Soft-Shell trousers are ideal under waders or worn alone as fishing trousers. The trousers use a soft lightweight polyester outer shell with 4% elastane to give high-stretch properties for extra comfort and freedom of movement. This is laminated to a dense, micro-fleece inner lining for warmth, with a breathable, waterproof membrane laminated in between, providing a specification of 3,000g/m2/24hrs breathability and 3,000mm Hydrostatic pressure. Therefore this makes the Snowbee Soft-Shell Fishing Trousers material waterproof in normal shower / light rain conditions, breathable and windproof.

Soft-Shell Fishing Trousers are ideal worn under waders, but they also make great fishing trousers for general use, where the more fitted style makes them more comfortable than over-trousers. The waist band has two small elasticated sections at the sides for additional comfort, with two front slant pockets with zip closures, a right thigh zipped pocket for mobile etc. and a rear pocket for a wallet etc. The ankles have Velcro adjuster straps to prevent the leg fabric riding up when worn inside waders.

Snowbee Soft-Shell Fishing Trousers available in 6 sizes.

Waist / Inside Leg: - 32” / 31” - 34” / 31” - 36” / 32” - 38” / 33” - 40” / 33” - 42” / 33”

£ 39.87
Snowbee Geo Wading Jacket
Snowbee Geo Wading Jacket, this New top of the range Geo Wading Jacket from Snowbee incorporates the very latest in material technology and production techniques, this new wading jacket offers supreme comfort and performance, in all conditions, at an affordable price.
Packed with loads of features, the Snowbee Geo Wading Jacket is available in 5 different sizes and weighs only 930 grams.
£ 229.00
(-40.19%) £ 136.97
Snowbee Knitted CoolMax® Technical Boot Socks
Snowbee Knitted CoolMax® Technical Boot Socks - We all make do with any old socks inside boots and waders, and then often pay the price of blisters and sore feet! This is usually caused by chafe or excess perspiration. The Snowbee New knitted mid-length boot socks are purpose designed to prevent this.
Made from CoolMax® yarn, an innovative blend of wool, cotton, polyester, elastane and nylon, with a soft padded sole and heel, provides maximum support and comfort to the Angler, Hiker and Shooter.
£ 8.47
Snowbee Fleece-lined Neoprene Socks
Snowbee Fleece Lined Neoprene Socks, the Fleece line will ensure your feet are totally warm without adding bulk when fitted into your boots or waders.  Only 3.5mm thick, the Neoprene Socks are slim within the boot and have the added benefit of split seams at the top to accommodate a wider calf.
£ 14.17
Snowbee Waterproof / Windproof Breathable Sweater - 11930

Snowbee Waterproof / Windproof Breathable Sweater, a Brand New country sweater.  The Snowbee Sweater comes in a choice of either in Khaki Green or Navy Blue, suitable for fishing, shooting or any country leisure pursuit.

£ 89.99
(-12.25%) £ 78.97