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Fly Fishing Gift Ideas

Stuck for Fishing Gift ideas? Our Top Gift Ideas & Deals £10 to £25
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Snowbee Boot Rack - 19050
Snowbee Boot Rack the simple solution to the problem of storing and drying waders or wellies; correct storage will also extend the life of your expensive waders. The Snowbee Boot Rack can stores two pairs of waders, wellies or boots at a time. Made with a rugged Polypropylene construction and can screw in to garage or tackle room wall with the screws provided.
£ 12.27
(-10.00%) £ 11.04
Snowbee 7" Prestige Filleting Knife - 19317
Snowbee 7" Prestige Filleting Knife has a fine flexible blade of which is 420 grade forged stainless steel. The Prestige Filleting Knife comes with genuine, and stylish Pakka wood handle, plus a leather sheath with belt loop. This is a 'trout fisherman tackle tester choice' & a Troutcatcher TOP SELLER.
£ 17.97
(-10.00%) £ 16.17
Snowbee Prestige Pin On Zinger - 19091
Snowbee Prestige Pin On Zinger, a top quality Zinger with a satin finish alloy case. The Prestige Pin On Zinger is fitted with an 18” plastic covered wire cord and a Stainless Steel accessory clip. Attached with a sturdy safety pin.
£ 10.97
(-10.00%) £ 9.87
Leeda Rover Bag
Leeda Rover Bag, a traditional style roving fishing bag. Ideal for stalking, lightweight day fishing sessions on the river bank. The Leeda Rover Tackle Bag is made from high quality, hard and hard wearing 600d fabric. The Rover Bag has two front pockets and large main compartment. Two buckle straps and comfortable shoulder strap.
Leeda Rover Bag dimensions 180mm x 300mm x 370mm.
£ 16.99
(-14.83%) £ 14.47
Snowbee Clamshell Fly Box - 14691
Snowbee Clamshell fly box is Snowbee's largest in their fly box range. The Clamshell design has a simple clip closure plus a folding leaf to double the holding capacity to a very impressive 372 flies. The centre leaf has a rigid core so it will not flex causing your fishing flies to dislodge. The clamshell fly box also boasts being 100% waterproof because of its rubber gasket around the rim.
Snowbee's Clamshell fly box Size: 5 ¼" x 3 ½" x 1 3/8" - No flies included.
£ 13.97
(-10.00%) £ 12.57
Bamboo Fly Box Slimline - BAMS
Bamboo Fly Box Slimline, a slimline version of Turrall classic bamboo box. The fly box offers the same slotted foam on one side, with magnetic closure and brass hinges. Perfect pocket sized box which holds approx. 5 dozen trout flies. 135mm X 95mm X 21mm.
£ 23.77
Bamboo Fly Box Classic - Bamc
Bamboo Fly Box Classic, a handsome pocket-sized fly box crafted from mellowed split cane. Slotted foam inserts securely hold trout and salmon flies. Brass hinged with magnetic closure this beautiful fly box is lightweight and floats - almost too nice to take fishing. Fly box dimensions, 130 x 100 x 25mm. Flies shown are not included!
£ 26.47
Snowbee Gold Head Daddy Fly Selection - SF115
Snowbee Gold Head Daddy Fly Selection, 7 Flies.
£ 7.97
(-10.00%) £ 7.17
Snowbee Dry Daddy Fly Selection - SF116
Snowbee Dry Daddy Fly Selection, 7 Flies.
£ 7.97
(-10.00%) £ 7.17
Snowbee Easy-Vue Waterproof Fly Box - Small - 14741
Snowbee Easy-Vue Waterproof Fly Box - Small - the smallest model in this range comes complete with a neck lanyard, making it ideal for the roving or river angler, who likes to travel light and holds an impressive 136 flies (not included) – ideal for small river dries and nymphs.
Snowbee Easy-Vue Waterproof Fly Box - Small - 14741 : 3.8" x 2.8" x 1.4"
£ 10.97
(-10.00%) £ 9.87
Snowbee Easy-Vue Waterproof Fly Box - Medium - 14742
Snowbee Easy-Vue Waterproof Fly Box - Medium - The medium size box holds up to 220 flies (not included), making it ideal for the still water or reservoir angler.
Easy-Vue Waterproof Fly Box - Medium - 4.9" x 3.6" x 1.4"
£ 13.97
(-10.00%) £ 12.57
Snowbee Easy-Vue Waterproof Fly Box - Large - 14743
Snowbee Easy-Vue Waterproof Fly Box - Large - Large 'Easy-Vue' The large size box hol up to 288 flies, also making it ideal for the stillwater or reservoir angler.
Snowbee Easy-Vue Waterproof Fly Box - Large 6.1" x 4.2" x 1.7"
£ 14.97
(-10.00%) £ 13.47
Snowbee Lumber Support Wading Belt - 19379
Snowbee Lumbar Support Wading Belt, if like many anglers, you suffer from an aching back after a full days fishing, Snowbee new Lumbar Support Belt is the answer. The belt comes complete with a 2" wide webbing belt which has a quick release Plastic Clip and buckles, allowing adjustment from 34" to 51". The rear lumbar pad has 1" thick contoured neoprene, inside a Nylon cover, to provide pressure and support, just where it's needed.
Snowbee Lumbar Support Wading Belt comes free with Snowbees range of 'Prestige Breathable Waders'
£ 21.97
(-10.00%) £ 19.77
Glo Bright Floss 16 X 25 Yard Selection Pack
BEST SELLER - Selection Pack of 16 x 25 yard Spools - Glo Bright Floss, the original fluro range devised by Tom Saville covers any application in 16 x 25 yard.Special Price.
£ 18.07
(-10.00%) £ 16.26
Veniard No 12 Super Standard Lever Vice
Veniard No 12 Super Standard Lever Vice is one of our top selling fly tying vice, well-constructed rotating, lever operated vice that will take hooks of all sizes, from the smallest trout to larger salmon. The vice is finished in heavy chrome.
Veniard No 12 Super Standard Lever Vice: Supplied by Veniard Quality Fly Tying Company since 1923 : Finished in heavy chrome : Supplied with desk clamp.
£ 12.57
(-10.00%) £ 11.31
Hare Dubbing Dispenser
Hare Dubbing Dispenser - 12 colours of hare fur dubbing, a classic standard dubbing blended with SLF. This dubbing has a wide range of uses from large buggy patterns to small nymphs, Emergers & gold heads.Hare dubbing colours included; Light olive, Green Olive, Dark Olive, Brown Olive, Golden Olive, Orange, Red, Claret, Black, Grey, Med Brown, Natural, Hare.
£ 21.17
(-10.00%) £ 19.05
Glo Bright Multi Yarn 16 X Multi Selection Pack
Glo Bright Multi Yarn - This is a crinkled fibred translucent yarn which can be used like wool for bodies, tails or butts, or can be cut up to produce a really lustrous dubbing.Special Price for full set of Glo Bright Multi Yarn 16 colours x 8 yard spools.
£ 16.87
(-10.00%) £ 15.18
Fine Point Scissors
Fine Point Scissors - Fine point are now our most popular scissors. Top quality stainless steel and manufactured in Japan. One blade on the Fine Point Scissors is serrated to eliminate slipping.
£ 13.97
(-10.00%) £ 12.57
Veniard Travel Vice
Veniard Travel Vice is a compact light-weight travel vice, ideal for taking on trips away from the comfort of the home tying bench, and comes in it’s own cordura bag.
£ 20.07
(-10.00%) £ 18.06
Snowbee Filleting Board - 19102
Snowbee Filleting Board has a strong spring-loaded clamp built-in; this will firmly grip the jaws or tail of your fish, to prevent it sliding away and giving you effectively an extra hand!
The Snowbee filleting board makes cleaning and filleting any fish easy. Other benefits include easy wipe clean PE board that does not absorb fish smells like wood. 'Grip' finish preventing fish from sliding off. Non-slip pads underneath.
Total length 2ft - Width 7" Weight +1.1kg - Big & Sturdy!
£ 22.97
(-10.00%) £ 20.67
Snowbee Cap-Peak Clip-On Magnifier - 18063
Snowbee Cap-Peak Clip-On Magnifier, this innovative device provides +2.5 magnifications just where and when it's needed, for changing flies etc. So you never have to worry about where your spectacles are!!
When the Snowbee Cap-Peak Clip-On Magnifier is not required, it simply flips up under the peak of a cap and is virtually undetectable.
£ 13.97
(-10.00%) £ 12.57
Fishing £20 Gift Voucher - Troutcatchers
Fishing £20 Gift Voucher - Troutcatchers
£ 20.00
Snowbee 20" Aluminium Frame Hand Trout Net - 15090
Snowbee 20" Aluminium Frame Hand Trout Net, these Black Aluminium Trout Nets features an ingenious "Bungee" through the tubular frame, allowing netting of the fish, without un-clipping the net from your belt.
£ 15.97
(-10.00%) £ 14.37
Richard Wheatley Malvern Plastic Fly Box 6
Richard Wheatley Malvern Plastic Fly Box 6". Easy Grip foam in lid and base

Richard Wheatley have taken their most popular boxes and produced them using top quality ABS plastic shells.
This makes them tough, light and great value for money. All of Richard Wheatley most popular interiors are included in this range with a choice of green or black finishes.
Troutcatchers are proud to offer this value brand for the Richard Wheatley customer.

Richard Wheatley Malvern Plastic Fly Box features:
- Size in millimetres: 156 x 92 x 30 mm
- Size in inches: 6" x 3 1/2" x 1 1/8 "
- ABS plastic shell box
- Foam lid and base.
- Colour: Choice Black, or Green
- Fly Capacity: 272 flies
£ 14.17
Snowbee Sports Wrap Around Polarised Sunglasses - 18111
Snowbee Sports Wrap Around Polarised Sunglasses - These Snowbee Polarised Sunglasses offer exceptional performance, with style to match. The lightweight Polarised Lenses are available in 3 Tint options - Smoke, Amber or Mirror Finish, to cover all light intensities and have superb Polarisation for fish spotting.
The Snowbee Polarised Sunglasses weigh only 22gm and they come complete with a neoprene zip case with and attachment clip.
£ 18.99
(-40.13%) £ 11.37
Snowbee Sports Polarised Sunglasses - 18084
Snowbee Sports Polarised Sunglasses for fly fishing - These Polarised Sunglasses have ultra lightweight Black wrap around frames with a quality 0.75mm Polyethylene Polarised lens. Polarised side panels built into the frame arms cut glare from peripheral light. Rubberised frame arm pads provide additional grip. Available in Smoke or Amber lens tint. Complete with neoprene Sunglass case.
£ 18.99
(-40.13%) £ 11.37
Trout from a Boat by Dennis Moss
Trout from a Boat book, tips, techniques and experiences. The "Trout from a Boat" by Dennis Moss is for boat-fly fishers, those who spend time afloat in pursuit of trout, who know how difficult and frustrating the sport can be - but also how thrilling and rewarding.
Few trout anglers have fished as widely as Dennis, and fewer still have his ability to convey the skills of boat fishing with such insight and passion. He tells of his experiments with a new kind of improved drogue, of the breakthrough of the intermediate fly line, his discoveries about hook strengths and he shares his all-time favourite still water flies. "Trout from a Boat" will tell you a great deal about the craft of boat fishing and, as you learn, you will be taken to some fabulous locations and on some thrilling trips. Fully revised and updated edition includes new material on summer Caenis fishing, dry fly techniques and latest leader compositions.

Trout from a Boat : Author Dennis Moss : Published June 2013 : Format 246 x 189mm : Paperback : No. of pages 192 : 130 colour photographs
£ 16.97
Fly Tying For Beginners by Peter Gathercole
Fly Tying For Beginners by Peter Gathercole - A master class of fly tying techniques from a master fly tier.
£ 16.97
The Fly Tying Bible By Peter Gathercole
The Fly Tying Bible by Peter Gathercole - An excellent companion volume to the Fly Tier's Beginners book, superbly illustrated by this well known tier and photographer. Hardback.
£ 16.17
Snowbee Aluminium Priest - 19074
Snowbee Aluminium Priest - a unique new design made from cast aluminium, with a weighted head and anodised to a rich metallic olive green colour, with the Snowbee logo. The Snowbee Aluminium Priest features a rubber handle for a good grip making any kill quick and ethical, also ideal in cold wet conditions, plus a handy wrist lanyard to save dropping in to deep water, losing it forever!
Ideal for dispatching your dinner!!
£ 15.97
(-10.00%) £ 14.37
Snowbee Clip-On Magnifier
Snowbee Clip-On Magnifier, Snowbee designed these for the angler who only requires magnifier glasses for close up work, the Snowbee Clip-on Magnifiers will fit any sunglasses and are +2.5 magnification. A simple flip-up mechanism allows them to be flipped-up on your normal glasses when not required, where they are unobtrusive and virtually undetectable... these Snowbee Clip-On Magnifiers are out of the way until you need them.
£ 13.97
(-10.00%) £ 12.57
Snowbee Classic Trout Bag - Small - 16201
Snowbee Classic Trout Bag - Small, Snowbee have designed 3 different sized traditional style trout / game fishing tackle bags at an incredible price. All the Classic Trout Bags feature a large interior compartment, with an easy access zip top closure

The Small bag from this Snowbee Classic Trout Bag range is 11” x 6” x 10” high.
£ 16.97
(-10.00%) £ 15.27
Snowbee Classic Trout Bag - Medium - 16202
Snowbee Classic Trout Bag - Medium, Snowbee have designed 3 different sized traditional style trout / game fishing tackle bags at an incredible price. All the Classic Trout Bags feature a large interior compartment, with an easy access zip top closure

The Medium bag from this Snowbee Classic Trout Bag range is 13” x 5” x 10” high
£ 17.97
(-10.00%) £ 16.17
Snowbee Classic Trout Bag - Large- 16203
Snowbee Classic Trout Bag - Large, Snowbee have designed 3 different sized traditional style trout / game fishing tackle bags at an incredible price. All the Classic Trout Bags feature a large interior compartment, with an easy access zip top closure

The Large bag from this Snowbee Classic Trout Bag range is 16” x 6” x 13” high
£ 21.97
(-10.00%) £ 19.77
The Feather Bender's Flytying Techniques
The Feather Bender's Flytying Techniques, by Barry Ord Clarke - A Comprehensive Guide to Tying Classic and Modern Trout Flies.
A one-of-a-kind book is that its the first tying book to have a video link for all the patterns featured. Watch Barry tying online, then turn to the matching chapter in the book to follow the step-by-step instructions so that you can tie your own fly in your own time.
£ 24.97
Snowbee Classic Retro Sunglasses
Snowbee Classic Retro Sunglasses for fly fishing - These Polarised Sunglasses offer a traditional style with a choice of two frame & lens colours.

- Gloss Black Frame / Smoke Lens
- Gloss Brown Frame / Amber Lens
£ 13.97
(-10.00%) £ 12.57
Snowbee Classic Open Frame Sunglasses
Snowbee Classic Open Frame Sunglasses, the modern design of these close-fitting wrap-around sunglasses, coupled with the swept-back, sports lenses, offers the ultimate protection from peripheral light.

- Gloss Black Frame / Smoke Lens
- Gloss Brown Frame / Amber Lens
£ 16.97
(-10.00%) £ 15.27
Snowbee Classic Full Frame Sunglasses
Snowbee Classic Full Frame Sunglasses, a close-fitting, wrap around style, eliminates virtually all peripheral light.

- Gloss Black Frame / Smoke Lens
- Gloss Brown Frame / Amber Lens
£ 13.97
(-10.00%) £ 12.57
Snowbee Classic Sports Sunglasses
Snowbee Classic Sports Sunglasses, the ultimate Wrap-Around style and as close a fit as it’s possible to be. Coupled with the full-frame design, these polarised Sunglasses cut out virtually all peripheral light. This range also includes a Mirror Lens option, ideal for really bright light conditions.

- Matt Black Frame / Smoke Lens
- Matt Black Frame / Amber Lens
- Matt Black Frame / Smoke Mirror Lens
£ 13.97
(-10.00%) £ 12.57
Sportman Bumper
Sportman Bumper - Magnetic fishing rod and gun holder for the side of your vehicle.The Sportsman Bumper is a handy accessory for any hunting and/or fishing enthusiast. 

£ 14.97
Trout in Dirty Places
Trout in Dirty Places, featured by the Independent, BBC Radio 4?s Today programme, & Radio New Zealand...50 rivers to fly-fish for trout and grayling in the UK's town and city centres.Trout in Dirty Places is a guide to the most revolutionary development in British angling for many years: fly-fishing for trout and grayling in the very centre of towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom.From Sheffield to South London, from Merthyr Tydfil to Edinburgh, this is the cutting edge of 21st century fishing. Nothing is more surreal yet exhilarating than casting a fly for iconic clean-water species in the historic surroundings of our most damaged riverscapes - centres of post-industrial decay, but now also of rediscovery and regeneration.- fishing-focused profiles of 50 selected streams- interviews with local conservationists dedicated to restoring the urban rivers- local flies and emerging traditions, and details of how to get involved and support this restoration work.This book guides readers towards relaxing, good-value fishing on their own doorsteps as a viable alternative to more costly (and carbon-intensive) destination angling: a positive lifestyle choice in challenging moral and economic times.No one author or publisher has yet attempted to bring this emerging trend of urban flyfishing into a single, epoch-making volume. **A donation from all sales goes to the Wild Trout Trust and the Grayling Society ** Trout in Dirty Places by Theo Pike: 246 x 189 mm : Hardback : Pages: 256 :204 colour photographs
£ 19.97
Veniard Amadou Patch
Veniard Amadou Patch - Rare natural Amadou fungus that has been used for over a century to dry water saturated fishing flies without damaging fly hackle. Its water absorbing abilities is quite amazing.
Amadou is a spongy, flammable substance and is found on ‘bracket fungi’. Amadou, also known as "horse's hoof fungus" or "tinder fungus" can be found on top of the fungus just below the outer skin and above the pores.
The Veniard Amadou Patch is manufactured with this natural fungus and attached to a smart Leatherette holder with a ‘D’ ring to attach to your waist coat / zinger for easy access, perfect for quickly reviving CDC or any other dry fly. Embossed Veniard logo.
£ 14.57
Veniard Starter Tool Kit
Veniard Starter Tool Kit, a great starter kit of tools. The starter kit contains the following tools: Threader, scissors, bodkin, hackle pliers, spigot bobbin & whip finish tool.
£ 9.77
Veniard Beginners Tool Kit
Veniard Beginners Tool Kit - A great starter kit of tools to compliment our fly tying kits. Contains: C Clamp vice, threader, scissors, bodkin, hackle pliers, spigot bobbin & whip finish tool.
£ 19.07
Wychwood Line Tray
Wychwood Line Tray helps protect your fly line from grit and dirt being trodden into the coating of the line as well as significantly helping your casting.

Wychwood Line Tray Features:
- Lightweight, pre-formed fly line tray to prevent your running line from snagging
- Manufactured from PVC mesh with stiffened frame
- Excellent drainage and extremely comfortable to use throughout the day
- Essential for fishing sinking lines when wading
- Adjustable waist belt
- 2 elasticated pouch pockets
£ 13.99
(-10.15%) £ 12.57
Snowbee Line Tray - 19382
The Snowbee Line Tray, the best Line Tray design on the market and a troutcatcher top seller.
The Line tray has a mesh base with a fold down base board which holds the tray open when in use, preventing water filling the tray from below, and tangling the line, when deep wading or Saltwater Fly fishing. This gives the huge benefits of being able to cast a lot further, and stopping your line floating away when wading, or if on a muddy bank preventing the line getting dirty.
The Snowbee Line Tray folds flat against your body when not in use, and is also ideal for transportation. The adjustable webbing belt has quick release buckles. There is also a Velcro Pocket inside, to take leaders etc.
£ 28.97
(-10.00%) £ 26.07
Leeda Profil Priest
Leeda Profil Priest, the soft touch anti slip EVA foam handle is dense, durable and comfortable to use when dispatching your fish. The Profile Priest is also designed with an aluminium shaft with a chrome steel head giving maximum protection against all weathers, a perfect mix of style and power. Also to prevent dropping into deep water and losing for ever, the priest comes with a free wrist lanyard.
£ 10.99
(-7.46%) £ 10.17