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Rod Carriers

Richard Wheatley Rod Carrier
Richard Wheatley Rod Carriers are manufactured, as you would expect from any Richard Wheatley item, with high quality materials. The vacuum rod carriers are designed to carry up to 3 to 4 extended Trout or Salmon rods with complete safety by an extremely strong suction on the carrier which fits instantly to any non-porous vehicle surface; steel, aluminium, glass, plastic etc. without damage or fuss (however they are not recommended for use when travelling long distance at high speeds). 
Note: the majority of new cars feature an aluminium body; a magnetic rod carrier will not lock on, this Richard Wheatley Vacuum Rod Carrier because of its suction action solves the problem.

Richard Wheatley Vacuum Rod Carrier Features:
Designed for 3-4 rods
Pair of vacuum rod carriers attach instantly to any vehicle
Maximum suction and holding power.
Vacuum fastening ensure fitting to all vehicles
Will not damage paint or bodywork
Perfect for Salmon or Trout Fishing
£ 62.00
(-9.73%) £ 55.97
Stonfo Magnetic Rod Holder
Stonfo Magnetic Rod Holder, small soft rubber accessory with a magnet inside. The rod holder holds your fishing rod safe against the car and secure (or against any metallic surface) whilst setting up.Stonfo Magnetic Rod Holder : 2 clips per pack.
£ 14.57
Sportman Bumper
Sportman Bumper - Magnetic fishing rod and gun holder for the side of your vehicle.The Sportsman Bumper is a handy accessory for any hunting and/or fishing enthusiast. 

£ 14.97