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Fluorocarbon Fly Fishing Tippets & Leaders

- While monofilament line is good for dries because of its floating ability, fluorocarbon is the opposite, is great for nymphing since it is denser than water, it sinks. It is also much stronger in terms of abrasion-resistance because it doesn’t absorb water like nylon, and when nymphing your Fluorocarbon is far more likely to drag on the river bottom and hit rocks it’ll be far more dependable because of this abrasion-resistance. Another huge benefit it is very nearly invisible underwater, which is obviously desirable for spooky / clear water fishing.
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Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon
Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon - 50 meter spools - a new breed of tippet materials, incorporating the very latest in material and extrusion technologies, to create lines as good as anything on the market… and better than most! as strong and smooth as the best nylon Co-Polymers, Snowbee New 'Gold Standard' Super-Fluorocarbon represents the latest development in fluorocarbon line technology.
£ 10.97
Cortland Ultra Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet
Cortland Ultra Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet, with extensive research, development and field testing, Cortland are proud to announce the most premium Fluorocarbon trout tippet offering on the market. This tippet is formulated with a "Top Secret” blend giving it the perfect balance of knot strength, suppleness and abrasion resistance.
£ 17.97
Cortland Fluorocarbon Tippet
Cortland Fluorocarbon Tippet provides high strength and abrasion resistance, low underwater visibility and excellent knot strength for fishing in situations where extreme stealth is required.
£ 10.97
Cortland Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader 9ft (1 pack)
Cortland Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader 9ft (1 pack) - Premium performance tapered leader specially designed with a long and heavy butt for turnover power, and a supple front taper for delicate presentation.
£ 10.97
Snowbee XS Fluorocarbon Line - Clear
Snowbee XS Fluorocarbon Line - Clear - 100 meter spool, a superb, new-generation 100% Fluorocarbon Line, manufactured in Japan using the very latest 21st century technology, producing a leader material of extreme quality and smoothness.
£ 13.97
Snowbee Fluorocarbon Tapered Leaders
Snowbee Fluorocarbon Tapered Leaders, we all know the advantages of Fluorocarbon as a tippet material. Snowbee's new ranges of tapered Fluorocarbon leaders combine the benefits of fluorocarbon, with the convenience of a tapered leader. These 9ft fluorocarbon leaders are ideal to assist presentation and turnover whether Stillwater or river nymph fishing, especially in crystal clear waters with extended fluorocarbon tippets.
£ 4.97