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Snowbee XS Fluorocarbon Line - Clear

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Snowbee XS Fluorocarbon Line, a firm favourite with fly anglers over the years, a great reputation for strength, performance & reliability - A troutcatcher 5 Star fly fishing product and a 'Tackle Tester Choice - Trout Fisherman'

Snowbee XS Fluorocarbon Line - Clear - 100 meter spool, a superb, new-generation 100% Fluorocarbon Line, manufactured in Japan using the very latest 21st century technology, producing a leader material of extreme quality and smoothness. Exhibiting all the benefits of modern day fluorocarbons, the advanced technology has specifically identified and enhanced the characteristics required for the perfect, tough, high quality line demanded by today's progressive fly fisher. XS Fluorocarbon has every feature one needs for the best subsurface, low visibility leader material.

Snowbee XS Fluorocarbon Line Features:-
  • 21st century premium quality 100% fluorocarbon
  • Low stretch and water absorption for the ultimate in consistent performance
  • High knot strength to diameter ratio
  • Super fine and low refractive index for truly minimal visibility in all light and water conditions
  • Silky smooth with superb knot strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and low memory
  • Strong yet very supple for superior presentation

Snowbee XS Fluorocarbon Line - Clear - 100 meter spool available in 8 different strengths:-

 Model  Diameter  Breaking Strain  X-Rating
 15930  0.15mm  3.5lbs  6X
 15931  0.17mm  5lbs  5X
 15932  0.19mm   6lbs   4X
 15933  0.21mm  7lbs  3X
 15934  0.23mm  8lbs  2X
 15935  0.25mm  10lbs  1X
 15936  0.28mm  12lbs  0X
 15937  0.35mm  15lbs  02X

From the range of Snowbee XS Leader & Tippet Material range of premium tackle, complete range here, and if advice is required, our Leader & Tippet help page can be found here.
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
4559-Choice : 8lbs x 100m - 15934
Good product.
Michael L.
Shopping Satisfaction
4559-Choice : 4559-15lbs x 100m - 15937
Bought heavy weights for saltwater fishing - haven't tried yet but 3x and 4x have been great. Again - pricey - but quality flourocarbon isn't cheap.
Nick P.
Shopping Satisfaction
4559-Choice : 4559-7lbs x 100m - 15933
Very good Flurocarbon line.
Peter T.
Shopping Satisfaction
4559-Choice : 4559-5lbs x 100m - 15931
Great tippet material.
Christopher J.
Shopping Satisfaction
4559-Choice : 4559-8lbs x 100m - 15934
Nice strong tippet.
Ian P.
Shopping Satisfaction
4559-Choice : 4559-5lbs x 100m - 15931
Bit early to say, but so far performs well.
Alan M.
Shopping Satisfaction
4559-Choice : 4559-6lbs x 100m - 15932
Good product at a competitive price, have been using for a number of years.
Stephen C.
Shopping Satisfaction
4559-Choice : 4559-3.5lbs x 100m - 15930
Very pleased with the line.
Shopping Satisfaction
4559-Choice : 4559-6lbs x 100m - 15932
Invisible in water.
Rory B.
Shopping Satisfaction
4559-Choice : 4559-10lbs x 100m - 15935
Should be ok , not put it to the test yet.
Roy H.