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Snowbee Monofilament Tapered Leader - Camo

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6318-Length & Strength :
Snowbee Tapered Monofilament Leader- Camo - supporting the perfect cast and fly turnover on small Streams to large Reservoirs & Lochs.

Snowbee Tapered Monofilament Leader- Camo designed specifically for dry fly and light nymph fishing, especially in enclosed situations where a ‘stealth’ approach is all important. These Tapered Monofilament Leaders- Camo are New from the range of top quality Snowbee Tapered Monofilament Leaders, using Snowbee's super strong, low diameter copolymer nylon material. The 9ft monofilament tapered leaders have a long taper and short tippet for easy turn over, 'ready to go' general use (all you need to do is tie your loop to attach fly line) and are suitable for applying your own choice of additional step-down tippet lengths if required.

Snowbee Tapered Monofilament Leader- Camo range. One 'Camo' leader per pack.
 Model  Length  X Rating  Tip Diameter  Breaking Strain
 ML9-4X-Camo  9 foot  4X  0.18mm  6lb
 ML9-5X-Camo  9 foot  5X  0.15mm  4.1lb
 ML9-6X-Camo  9 foot  6X  0.13mm  3.2lb
 ML9-7X-Camo  9 foot  7X  0.10mm  2.4lb

Also available are Snowbee Tapered Monofilament Leaders - Clear, a massive 5 STAR seller since 2002 check them out here.

More information : Snowbee Tapered Monofilament Leaders, a 'Tapered joint leader tippet' a whole single length of your chosen material of which has a large diameter at one end (the butt end) and it tapers down to a thinner diameter (fly end). The advantage is that it is a whole knotless link between fly line & fly, gives great turnover and presentation. If just starting fly fishing or an experienced fly angler, they are a great choice helping casting and presentation. For more information and help checkout our Leader & Tippet help page.

Snowbee Tapered Monofilament Leader- Camo, from the  Snowbee XS Leader & Tippet Material range of premium tackle.
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Shopping Satisfaction
6318-Length & Strength : 9ft - 2.4lb - ML9-7X-Camo
Nice product.
John F.
Shopping Satisfaction
6318-Length & Strength : 9ft - 4.1lb - ML9-5X-Camo
The product itself appears excellent, However, the product description is not clear that these items come without loops i.e. they are a knotless, tapered non-looip leader.
Julian S.