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Lead & Tungsten

Fly Tying Lead & Tungsten from troutcatchers, choose from our comprehensive catalogue below along with over 4,000 Premium Fly Tying Materials, sourced from Worldwide leading brands including VeniardTurrall & many others.

Tungsten Sheet
Tungsten Sheet from Veniard is easily cut, wrapped, or shaped with either scissors or scalpel. (Picture shows scalpel for illustration only). Use tungsten for sinking flies fast. Each pack contains 1 Tungsten Sheet, size approx. 85 mm x 130 mm and 0.5mm thick - natural dark grey. Tungsten is approx. 150% heavier than lead and about twice that of brass by volume.
£ 8.87
Adhesive Lead Foil
Adhesive Lead Foil - Fine gauge lead foil, one of the best materials on the market from Veniard for weighting your Fishing Flies. The Lead foil is easily cut with scissors (tip, use different scissors to your normal material scissors, as cutting lead will blunt them quickly) or scalpel, then peel of the adhesive backing for creative shaping of lead under bodies.
Each Adhesive Lead Foil Pack contains one sheet of foil measuring approx 110mm x 50mm, circa 0.15 to 0.2mm thick.
Picture illustration only - No scissors included.
£ 2.77
Turrall Lead Wire
Turrall Lead Wire, round Lead Wire - ideal to weight Nymphs.
Choice of Three Turrall Lead Wire Sizes
£ 2.07
Lead Wire - 50Grm Bulk Spool
Lead Wire - Veniard Lead Wire, the traditional way to weight a fly.
£ 6.87
Lead Wire - Standard Spool
Lead Wire - Veniard Lead Wire, the traditional way to weight a fly. Approx 10 gram per spool.
£ 1.97
Flat Lead Strip
Flat Lead Strip, approximately 0.15mm thick. The lead strip due to its 'thin qualities are ideal for building up smooth profiled under bodies on Nymphs etc. Also the flat lead strip is also very popular with model makers and art etc.

- Standard Flat lead Strip - 2mm (approx.) wide.
- Extra Fine Flat lead Strip - 1mm (approx.) wide.
Length of wire, Card size (middle, where lead is wound) 25mm x 30mm - Standard size approx. 10 wraps, Extra Fine approx. 12 wraps.
£ 2.47