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Lamps & Magnifiers

Marc Petitjean Day Light With Tool Rack
Marc Petitjean Day Light With Tool Rack, this light is extremely versatile, having a long flexible neck giving you maximum freedom around the vice head. The tool rack has several diameters for all the tools needed for Fly assembly. It also comes with dual voltage for worldwide use.Marc Petitjean Day Light With Tool Rack.
£ 265.17
(-2.34%) £ 258.97
Peak LED Fly Tying Light
Peak LED Fly Tying Light is the best portable lighting solution we have found providing a full spectrum white light that won't skew the colour properties of the fly tying materials you are working with. The LED light source runs cool providing 120 degrees of lighting to illuminate your entire tying area with up to 300 lumens and with minimal power consumption. Even running the Peak LED Tying Light after a full day of tying you'll find the housing remains cool to the touch - No need to worry about burning your hand if you accidentally touch your light!The Peak LED Tying Light bracket mounts to any PEAK vise stem, PEAK's Accessory Shaft or any other 3/8" diameter vice stem and incorporates an integral tool holder. Use the 20" flexible neck to allow optimal positioning of the light, last but not least another great benefit is the Lights so lightweight in construction it can be easily transported.
£ 154.97
Stonfo Magnifying Glass 630
Stonfo Magnifying Glass, specially designed for fitting on vices allowing to see clearly without distortions to any small details during the tying. It has a flexible arm fully adjustable to any position with a small attachment that permits an easy and stable locking on vise stems from 8 to 10 mm diameter and on accessories stems of 5 mm diameter.
Technical data: 2X magnification, lens dimensions 80 mm, length flexible arm 350 mm, weight 170 gr.

Picture illustration only showing vice connected, no vice included.
£ 44.37
OttLite Freestanding Magnifier
OttLite Freestanding Magnifier - The Freestanding Magnifier delivers hands-free viewing and up to 5x optical-grade magnification. The rimless lens includes a spot magnifier, and the sturdy yet flexible arm is perfect for viewing intricate details on the smallest flies. The perfect accessory to complement the OttLite 18w Table Lamp.
£ 31.97
OttLite 18w Table Lamp
OttLite 18w Table Lamp offers powerful illumination and total flexibility. Ideal for tying on tables, countertops and work benches. Shade height and angle can be easily adjusted with one hand using the flexible neck. By delivering the right mix of brightness and contrast, OttLite Illumination lets you see colours and fine details of what you are tying with ease. The daylight bulb gives a true reflection of colour with low heat and glare which will reduce eye strain.
£ 60.97
OttLite LED Clip-on Light & Magnifier
OttLite LED Clip-on Light & Magnifier - a magnifying lamp and then some! Optical-grade magnification with 360 degree OttLite LED Illumination helps you see details of the fly you are tying ultra clearly. The flexible neck directs illuminated magnification right where you need it while the sturdy clip attaches firmly to desks, workbenches and more. Featuring a 1.75x magnifier lens with a 4x spot magnifier, the flip shade closes to protect the magnifier when not in use. With OttLite you can see the minute details clearly.
£ 72.07
OttLite 22W Crane Light & Magnifier
OttLite 22W Crane Light & Magnifier - The ultimate tool for the serious Fly tyer. The 22w Clamp Magnifier brings the best in OttLite illumination combined with an optical-grade magnifier. The sturdy and versatile clamp attaches to desks, workbenches, tables, and much more. Features an articulating arm and rotating head with 360 degree illumination for precise viewing and angle placement. Flip shade closes to protect the magnifier when not in use. The perfect magnifying lamp for fly tying!
£ 94.17