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I,m not convinced that the line was the full 100m. The end was frayed and not secured to the spool. As I needed it for the weekend I used it anyway. Never had a problem before and I know that if I had notified trout catchers they would have dealt with it for me.
Len T. 1/20/2016 at 19h58
Thank you for your review Len - Don't worry, definitely 100 mtrs - I've just spooled up 7 reels this week for customers, all fitted like a dream. The fraying may be our fault, the spools arrive all linked together from Snowbee in a daisy chain (some customers ask for them to be kept together for greater length) so we cut them as ordered. Hope this helps, if not just drop us an email.
Troutcatchers 1/20/2016 at 20h05